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2007 & 2012.

Oh Kim what did you do?! I could look at this blog for hours, its like watching her slowly morph into Kris Jenner!

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Anonymous asked: I danced for so long all over the country - podunk places in the midwest and the south all the way up to Vegas and down to Miami. I miss it so much sometimes, and I really love your blog - brings back all the fun sh*t and all the stupid stuff I miss too. Thanks.


You’re welcome!xx

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umustu-deactivated20121009 asked: Aw I love your blog and I think you're a very beautiful and nice person!


Aww thank you so much!!xx

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bannerword asked: It's been a while since you've posted anything. I've missed your posts. Your tumblr is great! I hope you come back soon...


I’ll come back soon, im just taking a little break :)

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Anonymous asked: any advice on how to shape up before becoming a stripper?


Id say a lot of cardio and some weight training would be good!xx

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“Them 1’s fall like leaves hoe, tell somebody rake that!”


“Them 1’s fall like leaves hoe, tell somebody rake that!”

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Retro Hotness.

Haha oh God this is epic!

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